Sunday, May 31, 2009


Jill celebrated her birthday early at school. Real birthday is July 17.

Ok, so Jonah, Jill and I were on the way to Westshore Mall to see the new movie, "UP" when UP came Jill's breakfast. We were almost there when I heard the unmistakable sound of "UPchucking". YUK! So we went back home and Jill took a bath and went back to bed and I went out to clean the car and throw all her clothes in the washer. I should have taken it seriously when she said her tummy hurt! We will try again today to see "UP".

Since Jonah missed the movie, he and I went to Lowry Park so he could prowl around all the streams and look for critters. We ran into a cub scout troop. Jonah and the troop discovered a snake that looked like it could be dangerous. It was brown and black. The kids loved it. This troop meets at the zoo every Tuesday nite and goes camping 4 times a year. Perfect for Jonah. His mom tried to get him to join last year when school started. Next school year for sure after he gets back from Tennessee.

Here is Mia wearing Jill's crown. She will be 3 on November 10.

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