Monday, July 5, 2010

Fourth of July

I discovered I don't even have a tag for the 4th of July until now. Somehow this holiday seldom lives up to my expectations. I always picture a big picnic in a beautiful park and sitting on blanket under the sky watching a fireworkS display. Somehow that doesn't often happen. I remember some lonely holidays where the kids had their own plans and I was alone. I have gone a few times to the big fireworks displays in town which were fun but the crowds and the killer heat and humidity make that a hassle. I remember going to a small town display with my friend Carol years ago. Joyce had a nice party at her apartment on a lake a few years back. I have one special memory of being out with friends on a couple of boats and watching the sky light up above our heads. Anyway, the perfect celebration eludes me. Florida weather has a lot to do with it. Often it is so hot and dry that there is a fire hazard and all the displays are banned. This year we were drowned with rain. But we still had a happy day.
After many months of staying with us, Jaime has a new apartment. She and Aaron have just moved in and are having fun fixing up their new place. The kids love it. They made burgers on the George Foreman grill and invited both families for lunch. Since it was raining we all found a spot in their small apartment. After lunch, Karin and Alan and Stephanie and Cory took Jill to White Sands beach for a water ski show. Jonah elected not to go. The rain stopped just as it got dark and the kids shot off some fireworks at their own homes. (Jaime said they met their new neighbors!) Roger and I turned the lights down low and watched the fireworks show in NY City on TV while neighbors lit up the sky all around our house. Last year we trekked out to the middle of the golf course and got quite a show. All the trees block some of the view but we still see and hear a lot of excitement. I guess my dream 4th would be to rent a place at the beach and watch fireworks from a lawn chair on the sand. I am very happy and hopefull for the future. I wish I would have got pictures of the people and the food. Duh! Anyway, I hope that everyone in blogland had a happy day.