Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Christmas pictures

Jill and her new do-it-yourself Build a Bear

Jill and Cory

Look closely and you can see Jonah's helicopter flying near the fireplace

Steph and Cory

Joyce and Peggy

Roger and Mary

Me, Rick and Darlene

Jonah and Mia

80's version of Mia playing on her brother's bike ramp

Mia in "Roger's bed" watching Nickolodeon

Roger and Nibbles

Jaime and Aaron

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ready for Christmas

Fresh pine boughs and left over flowers from the science experiment

I love this picture of Jaime and kids from Thanksgiving

Jill's new haircut

Jill, Cory and Steph just before the new hair cut
Spiral ham - check
Turkey breast - check
Potatoes, Stuffing cubes, butter, pies, cookies, fruit, cheese, etc. ..... check
Firewood and candles - check
Wine, egg nog and something for the egg nog - grocery store
Last minute gifts and wrapping - 2 days left
Christmas Eve - Can't wait