Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Tried to make waffles this morning. Found Jaime's waffle maker in the garage, cleaned it up and made the batter. I have never actually made waffles but I do like to eat them at the Waffle House. I did think about spraying the grills, but I only had olive oil flavor spray and I didn't want to RUIN the waffles. BTW, this appliance does NOT have removable grills.

Monday, January 26, 2009

What's Going On

Jill and my neighbor's granddaughter, Savanah, having fun.

I do know what is going on in the world. Inauguration, Superbowl (in Tampa!) and even Chinese New Year. We went to see a new movie and keep up with the latest news, but what is going on really close to home?

Family birthdays (Martin and Connor). New month with a new round of bills. The housing market is very bad in Florida. We need to sell the house at Southport Springs, even at a loss. It is rented for the next few months, but then what? My daughter with her new degree will have school loans to pay for on top of everything else. She needs a job. Sean is in construction and hasn't even gotten all his pay from the last work he did. He needs a job. My friend Joyce who was laid off after finally purchasing her own condo on the beach. She needs a job. Roger's home state of Michigan. Deep freeze temperatures and mother of all economy problems. We need jobs in this country.

My brother is working over in India because his hours were being cut back here at home. He is glad for that opportunity. There are still many things to be thankful for. We are watching Mia today while Jaime and Sean work on a fence building project for her dad's neighborhood association. That will help for now. Concern, hope and gratitude. Those are the words for today.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gran Torino man

Roger at Karin's birthday celebration last summer at Rick's on the River. Jill and Karin are in the background.

Last night we went to see Gran Torino with Joyce and Peggy. Roger's grandson suggested he should see it. Cory (Sunday) said it reminded him of his Grandpa. Roger said a few times, "Am I like that?" I had to say, "Sometimes!" Besides being from Michigan, working at Ford's for many years and having a Polish background, Roger is about the same age as Clint Eastwood but more handsome in my opinion. Roger is not really an old grouch but can give a very good imitation -- especially when he is terrorizing the grandchildren with his deep, authoritative voice. Mia always hangs her head and says, "Okay, Roger" whenever he calls her down. Even Jonah and Jill quiet down and say, "Yes, sir". The movie was very good and so were the Primo Nachos at the Pitcher Show. Joyce, Peggy and I had beer. Roger had coffee. The waitress gave him free refills since, "No one else is drinking it and it will go bad anyway."

Vannon, Connor and Erica.
Jaime had a birthday party for Connor at her house. The house was full with 14-year-olds and adult friends and family. Jonah (8) was going to come over to our house, but was allowed to stay at the party after all so we got Mia. Jill is staying with her mother. Her pepaw is visiting from New Jersey and hopefully everything is OK. I worry most about Jill since both her parents seem bent on self destruction.