Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mia is 3 years old and stuffed pumpkin recipe

Mia chose blue (cotton candy) ice cream with sprinkles at Cold Stone Creamery

For her present Mia chose a twirling ballerina jewelry/music box

Stuffed pumpkin makes a nice presentation

Stuffed pumpkin with wild rice and roasted pumpkin seeds
Mia's party is Sunday, but today was her birthday. Three years old! Jaime and I took her to Cold Stone Creamery for a free ice cream. Then we went to the grocery store. Mia got lots of attention with her Tinkerbell outfit and her jewelry box. Everyone could tell she was a special girl today.
I have been wanting to make a stuffed pumpkin. It was not too hard (except for taking the top off that little sugar pumpkin - hard as a gourd!) I cleaned the pumpkin inside and out and rubbed the inside with butter and seasoning. Then I cooked some link sausages and sauteed some onions in the drippings. I cooked a white/wild rice mix and added the sausages, onions and golden raisins and put the whole thing into the pumpkin. I sprayed the outside of the pumpkin with a little cooking oil and baked the whole thing for an hour. I think it looked great and tasted OK, but not a show stopper. BTW - the pumpkin part tastes a lot like acorn squash when baked this way.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Busy Weekend

Jill's face paint from the carnival. She is a dalmation!

Jill and Cory

Jill's Cheerleading Team

It was a very busy weekend. Big celebration in Karin and Alan's neighborhood. Carrollwood's 50th Anniversary. There was a lakeside party Friday night with jazz music and torches by the lake and food from Carabbas. There was Jill's cheerleader showcase, a children's carnival in the park, an art show and a concert with my favorite band, Crossfire, on Saturday night along with my friends Peggy and Joyce and Karin and Alan. There was so much to do that I stressed out trying to get it all done and the only pictures I have are of Jill and her dad. Mia was so cute with a butterfly on her cheek and a red balloon, but the camera was in the car. Mia's grandma, Lee, came along, too, with Jaime, Sean, Jill and Jonah.
Anyway, the weather is perfect and there is a football game this afternoon, though the likelihood of a Bucs win is nil. Thanks and love and apologies to all my good friends. They know why.
I met a local celebrity at the art show. Jim Mason, who helped produce among others, a Peter, Paul and Mary platininum (I think) album. He also wrote their song, "I Dig Rock and Roll Music" and the bridge to the "Wedding Song". He has a CD for sale with a song about living in Carrollwood. I really liked it. I am hoping to get him together with Cory. Here is a link to his website. http://www.jimmasonproductions.com/