Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hyde Park Art Show

I went to the Hyde Park Art Festival alone on Saturday. Jaime and I used to come here. It was only a shadow of it's former self with MANY shops, restaurants, the movie theater all closed. The show itself was only on one street where it used to sprawl for blocks. There were still some remembered landmarks there, however, and the parking garage was easy, close and FREE!

There was a lot of amazing art work such as the first photograph above. The pictures were three dimensional. Very cool. Unlike anything I had seen before. Also there was a stall which had huge paintings that weren't paintings at all but very detailed stitch embroidery. Amazing. There were many, many very beautiful and labor intensive artisits' works displayed, but there was nothing like what I am thinking about doing and, understandably, the artwork cost much more than I would think about charging.

My idea is to come up with something affordable that I myself could not resist. (Affordable - $20-$30 range for a poster-sized print?) This simple little technique of  "oil painting" appeals to me so much. By blurring the image it seems to convey more feeling and make the image more anonymous and timeless at the same time. It makes even simple scenes much more interesting and meaningful somehow. --- Also, it reminds me in a bizarre way of my near-sighted vision before lasik which was incredibly frustrating, but which also "softened" reality sometimes.

Click on the photos above to enlarge and see the "oil painted" detail.