Saturday, February 27, 2010

Aaron visits home, Jonah's latest activities

Aaron and Jaime. Aaron came home for a visit before returning to Ft. Hood and then to Kuwait.

Jonah at the computer writing an email to his Aunt Myra in Tennessee

Roger took Jonah out back to shoot his BB gun at targets in the (frozen) rubber tree plant.

Jonah got an "A" on his Magic Johnson project. He built a little basketball court inside a shoe box and put Magic's picture on the top.

I found Mia hiding in the closet. It was pitch black without the camera flash.

Tea party with Jaime, Mia and Aaron.

On Aaron's visit home they went to the gun range. (Jonah just spent his money to buy a BB gun which was definately NOT grandma's idea.) He promised to only shoot at targets, though.

Mia at the park.
Here are some pictures from Aaron's recent visit home. I added some of Jonah's and Mia's activities. What has Jill been up to? She is in an advanced reading group with Jonah's old teacher, Mrs. Goodknight. Also, Cory and Stephanie took them to the fair and Jill got to touch an alligator. I will post the video and get some Jill pictures from Stephanie's facebook. Jill has also been playing basketball at the park and is getting good at making free shots.