Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Happy Day

Now both Jill and Jonah have their own clubs

Uncle Cory, Jonah and the new golf clubs

Roger taking a practice swing

Cory helps Jill with her swing

Cory, Jill and Jonah
Just a cute pic of Jonah catching a fish at the park last weekend.

Stephanie and Cory found some used clubs for Jonah and surprised him yesterday. Jill got hers last Christmas. Cory came over and took them out on the golf course for some practice. It was so cute. Roger went along and took some practice swings himself. Stephanie actually ran around and picked up the balls! (Quite a lot of running.) Jaime got home in time to admire the clubs and the little golfers. I was still sick with a cold but I went out and took some pictures and cheered them on. It was a fun afternoon for us all.