Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Random Moments

Stephanie and Cory received a gift certificate for Bern's Steak House from her brother, Josh, and his girlfriend so they went out to celebrate their 5 month anniversary.

Jonah was Kid of the Month in his class at school and his art work was chosen to hang in the front office. I need to get a picture of that, too. You can tell he doesn't really like to pose for pictures.

Jaime stopped by one morning on her way to work. It had just gotten really warm and her boss just got the hot tub fixed so Jaime declared it a Hot Tub work day. I don't think it actually worked out, but she gave it a good try.
Life goes by so fast. Sometimes I get a quick photograph. Many times I don't remember to grab the camera in time. Here are a few moments from the past couple of weeks.