Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Workspace

  Desk top
A sign I found at an antique store in Ybor City. I like to imagine it hung on a school principal's door.

The coffee table is always full of cook books, magazines and catalogs.

One bookcase and a basket of Country Living and Country Home mags.

My reading spot. Also used for watching Project Runway and the Cooking Channel. The long brown pillow is a perfect neck prop.

Bedside table. I am trying to read "The Piano Teacher" but haven't gotten into it yet. Instead I reread old favorites like "Under the Tuscan Sun" and "A Year in Provence". I am also a Susan Isaacs fan.

For artwork I have posters I found years ago and family pictures.

My new office for my part-time job with my friend, Dr. Linda Hebert Ford at Worldview Publishing.

I was inspired by Ruth's posting at Sync-ro-ni-zing of her work spaces and her book shelves. She has wonderful books but I must be honest. I am a reader of coffee table books, shelter magazines, and cookbooks. I did recently read "The Help" and "Water for Elephants" and I loved them. My daughter-in-law, Stephanie, recommends books to me. I also have a wierd interest in true crime books such as the ones by Ann Rule. I occasionally break out old favorites such as "Gone With the Wind" and "Little Women". Right now, I am reading "Hatchet" by Gary Paulsen with my grandson. My husband loves Dan Brown, Clive Cussler and James Rollins.

I used to love to read "Ladies Home Journal" and "Redbook" at my aunt Nellie's house. I never noticed for years that the dates on the magazines were very old. I still enjoyed them. Maybe my granddaughters will enjoy my magazine collection someday.
I have a new part time job with a long time friend. Years ago, as a school counselor, she and a co-worker created a social skills program called "Right Choices". She has parlayed that beginning into her own company, Worldview Publishing. I have done some editing and desktop publishing for her over the years, but now will be her part time secretary. My duties include mailing out materials, answering emails, creating a monthly newsletter using Constant Contact, and a little bookkeeping. I am excited.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Mac-A-Lena" by Jonah

Jonah's book bag is a treasure trove. I don't know when he wrote it or what the assignment was. The writing was very neat. The piece speaks for itself. I know I shouldn't laugh, but tears ran down my face as I read it. I think he is doing better now. We work on spelling and grammar every day. But this is pure, unedited Jonah.

The First day of school a kide named Mac-A-Lena, Mac-A-Lena Rubenstein walk-a-dime Hokey pokey Loca was her name! She hade a rond head and Two strays of harr one was died and the nuther one was craled up and hade a big nose that take up some space. She had Two teeth one poeting North and the uther tooth was poeting Sawth. Then she had a big long neck long as a pool with a mool in the senter of it. Then two armes a ten fengrs her belley was rond as a ball Then she has two long leges shapt as a (S) Man she was a mees. eweone made fun of her because she was funny looking no one hanged arand her.