Thursday, November 24, 2011

Preview to Thanksgiving Day

One of my favorite places in the world, Riverhills Park in Temple Terrace, Florida

Mia had a Thanksgiving show at her new church preschool. She is dressed as an Indian. There was a feather in her headress, but it flopped over. The drawing on the front of her "vest" depicts what she is grateful for. Grandma!

Jaime's dining room dressed for Thanksgiving. We traded tables. The long table I have had for 25 years went to her house and a small round table moved to mine. She added a smaller table to make it longer and covered it with the Thanksgiving table cloth handed down to her from Aunt Darlene. 

  The chairs don't match, but I think Jaime's dining room is beautiful.

Happy Thanksgiving. I woke up extremely early and put a turkey in the oven. I am cooking here and Jaime is cooking at her house. Roger will stay home and watch football in his own chair with his own dinner, but I will also be going around the corner to help Jaime with her dinner which is scheduled at 2:00. Jill will help us with preparations. We will watch the parade, the football game (Roger is a die hard Lions fan), and have a good meal with friends and family. I wish peace and happiness to all.