Friday, July 13, 2012

Separ-ate Plate

I love my little separ-ate plate.
It’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.
There are only two of them.
Jill’s is red and mine is green.

Three little compartments on the top,
and a big one on the bottom
hold apples, corn, and carrots
and meat and gravy, if you got em.

I like little cubes of cheese
and pieces of tomatoes,
hot dog rounds, chicken nuggets,
and French fried potatoes.

Ketchup, sauce, or peanut butter,
the little wells are good for dipping
and the sturdy little tray
keeps the food from dripping.

A little plastic mug of milk
with a colored straw for sipping,
makes my little meal complete
and helps me keep from tipping.

Two little chairs and a DVD
at the Tinkerbell table
make the perfect luncheon date
with your cousin if she’s able.

I love my little separ-ate plate
It’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen
I love to see what surprises it holds
and lick the platter clean.

by Grandma