Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Stephanie and Cory have a condo in a beautiful setting on a lake. Here are a few pictures Stephanie posted on facebook including some of an owl they saw. I was reminded of it by Ruth's posting and poem about a boeautiful owl on her blog sync-ro-ni-zing. Click on the link to see.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Double Birthday Party and Housewarming

Jaime and Mia

Why are there no pictures of Aaron, the birthday boy and new homeowner? The sign above says it all.

Jaime's friend, Sonny and her baby, Hunter and Jaime. Sonny grew up two blocks from my house and Jaime's new house.

Me and Irma

Seth and Jonah would not pose for pictures. I had to get them from the back guarding the compound.

Mia in the dining room. The wood floor has just been installed. A new light fixture that matches the sconces is soon to be added -- a beautiful housewarming gift from Jaime's boss and our family friend, Linda.

The party table isn't ready yet, but check out the new sconces.

The new kitchen cabinet paint is on the bottom. Jaime hasn't started on the top yet.

Living Room

There was lots of food, lots of people and a lovely fire in the outdoor fireplace. The photographer (me) got distracted and stopped taking pictures. The house and grounds were swept and painted and polished. Jaime has been painting the cabinets a new color. In the dining room, the walls have been textured and painted and a new floor installed. Mia was sick and lying down in the bedroom watching a Care Bear video. Irma brought two awesome quiches. I hope to get her recipes. I hope this is the first of an annual event.