Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Thoughts for 2010

Don't have a picture to share. Thought about Christmas mugs. They are the first thing to come out at Christmas and the last to go. Strange the pleasure it gives me to get them out each year.

The children were here for New Year's Eve and it was sweet. Jaime and Aaron took them out on the golf course where fireworks were popping all around. They set off a few of their own and Mia overcame her fear finally learning to count down from 10 and then say "BLAST OFF". I am enjoying quiet moments with Jonah who is nine and can be quite moody sometimes. I can't just hug and squeeze and tickle him anytime I want anymore. Sometimes he doesn't like it. But he comes in to sit with me and talk quietly sometimes. Like Christmas morning when we were the first two to get up. That happened on New Year's Eve, too. He decided to stay up and see the ball drop in Times Square. He was hoping they literally smashed the crystal ball, but I told him they just lowered it slowly. He wondered why they weren't counting down several hours before midnight. I stayed up with him and we did count down together. I was sorry I didn't get a little hat and a horn for him. Jill was with her mommy.

We have lots of challenges ahead. Mia will need more surgery this year. Jaime's friend Aaron is leaving to go to Kuwait tomorrow. Roger's sister, Mary, who already had a broken arm with pins at the wrist fell on the SAME ARM and broke her elbow. It hurts me to even say it. She has had surgery on the arm and is bravely working on healing again. Roger and I are getting over the flu. Thankfully, he only had a cough and is doing well. Our friend, Alan, has been very sick with it. I feel a lot of love and concern for all of us today and hope for a happy, peaceful future in 2010.

I have enjoyed opening a new world through blogging. It has truly added an extra dimension to my life to meet new friends from all over the world. Happy New Year to us all.