Friday, February 6, 2009


I keep seeing blogs with delicious-looking drinks. Here is mine. Coffee, hot chocolate mix and foam. I found a gadget in the back of the cabinet and almost threw it away. It was a round metal "net" on a plunger which used to be part of a capacino set I got Jaime one Christmas. The little coffee pot is gone along with the tall glass container that fit the plunger. I put the plunger in one of my regular glasses with a little low fat milk and plunged it up and down a few times and had a glass full of FOAM! Now I am busy thinking of all the things you can do with foam, hot or cold, plain or sweetened. So far, this is it. But it is very good. It is still cold in Florida. We have had freezing temperatures for 3 nights now which is mostly bad for strawberries and other tropical plants. The fair is here and Gasparilla is next weekend. I usually pass on both and wait for the Strawberry Festival in Plant City in early March. By then the weather here will be beautiful. Meanwhile, it is Fair Day and no school. Mia is already here and playing with Roger's flashlight which is a no no. Got to go. Have a good day.