Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St Patrick's Day Parade

Some of the ceiling tiles above Mia's bed

All the kids at the hospital wing gathered at the playroom to decorate cookies with green icing and make other decorations. Jonah and Jill came to visit and joined in the fun. Then they all paraded from the children's playroom through the hospital halls playing Irish music and banging on drums and other musical instruments. Fun was had by all.

Monday, March 16, 2009


I can hardly write this. Mia was attacked by a large dog last week. She is in the hospital and thankfully doing well. The dog bit her from the back and took off a third of her scalp, biting near her right temple. They had to choke and beat the dog to get him off of her. He has been put down by Animal Control.
Her little face is still the same and her eye and ear are OK. She is happy and seems to be doing fine for now, but she faces more surgery and skin grafts. Jaime has been with her every minute and everyone has been very kind. Jonah was there when it happened and he was very, very disturbed and upset but is doing better now that he has seen his sister. Much has been said in the news and we have gone over the story so many times that I can't go over it again.
Let me just say that every time a child is hurt, someone has said something like this: "Oh, he's a good dog. He would never hurt anyone." DON'T BELIEVE IT FOR A SECOND. If you must have a big, scary-looking dog, particularly a pit bull variety, KEEP HIM AT HOME! KEEP HIM ON A LEASH! DO NOT ALLOW HIM AROUND SMALL CHILDREN. PLEASE. I am posting some pictures from the hospital. The big bandage has now been removed, but Mia has more surgery today to replace a thing that has been sewn to her scalp to help her skin grow. Please say a prayer for my little granddaughter and all other children who have to go through this needless misery. We are thanking God that Mia will be OK. Some children do not survive. Sometimes the animal is the family pet who suddenly just snaps.