Friday, December 31, 2010

Highlights of 2010 Collage

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Highlights of 2010. Lots of things were going on in the world this year but these were the big events in my life. Mia started school. Roger's daughter and her family came to visit and we had a good time at the beach. Stephanie and Cory had a beautiful wedding at her father and stepmother's house in Virginia, Jaime and Aaron got engaged and they moved into their own apartment. The grandkids are all doing great and we had the usual birthday and holiday celebrations. Life is good and I am grateful. I pray for a happy, peaceful and prosperous new year for 2011 for everyone. (This post was updated to include one more pic of Jaime with the hula hoop.)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Great Christmas

Roger and Nibbles

Jaime and me with my new camera

Irma, Cory and Mark


Mia had so much fun
Cory and Vannon
Mia and Sean
Mia and Erica (Tista)
Jaime and Aaron
Jaime Christmas outfit
Jill and Lady Bug Pillow Pet

Cory, Stephanie, Rick and Darlene
Cory and Rick
Bruce and Mary
Aaron and Jaime (again)
We had a wonderful Christmas this year. Above are random pictures of Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. We missed a few. My friend, Joyce, couldn't make it and Jonah was in Tennessee. Roger's family was up in snowy Michigan but they all called him. We feel very grateful for all our friends and family. We are blessed. The kids got together and got me a new camera. Roger's old camera developed a problem where the battery door would randomly pop open and spew batteries everywhere. Otherwise, it worked fine. I fixed it with duct tape but they thought I needed a new one. So sweet. Now I have to learn to use it properly.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Santa Visits our Neighborhood

Mia and Santa

Jill and Santa

Courtney and Santa


We all walked over while the girls ran across the dark golf course to find the brightest house around. The one with Santa and his sleigh. Santa visits our neighborhood every year. Mia wasn't afraid at all.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jaime and Aaron - Party and Engagement

Pretty ring

Aaron proposed in his ugly tiger sweater.

Cinderella Mia

Party (winding down I think)

Papa Jerry, Jaime and Aaron
Finally, a few pictures from Jaime's party. There were a lot more people there who don't show up in the pictures (including me). It ended in a proposal on one knee which I regretfully missed. But they are very happy.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Jaime, Aaron and kids at the beach

I love this picture of Jaime. She is getting pretty good.

Hard to hula hoop with your pants falling down

Jonah with the hula hoop

Makes me cold to look at this

Mia and hat

Jaime, Aaron and Mia

I am hoping someone has pictures of the Christmas party at Aaron and Jaime's last week. I can't believe I forgot my camera. Some of the highlights were the ugly sweater contest. (I think Mark won with the Mexican serape.) Irma and Mark gave Mia a Cinderella dress which she insisted on wearing for the whole party (and for the whole night and the next day from what I hear). Everyone brought joke Christmas presents except for Jonah who got real ones since he was leaving for Tennessee the next day to spend Christmas with his dad. Jonah got a cell phone! Jaime has a beautiful new engagement ring but I was upset when I heard Aaron proposed (again) to her at the party after I left. I know I left early but I will never let them live that down. Anyway, since I don't have pictures of the party, here are some cute pictures of them and their friends at the beach nearby. It was warm that day, but MUCH too cold today to be running in the water with hardly any clothes on. Hard to believe that was just a little more than a week ago. That is Florida in December.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jonah and Mia - Elf and Pajama Day

Mia elf

Mia hat

All ready to go to school for pajama day!

Jonah at his Christmas Tree at home

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Elf Family Decorates the Christmas Tree

Elf Tree

Jill, Cory and Steph

The littlest elfHappy elf couple

After attending a cookie baking party, Jill returned home to don her elf jammies and decorate the Christmas tree.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

More Little Christmas Things

Jill with the tree and the train in the background. Jonah put the train together.

Santa plate - a gift from my mom

Mantel clock. Another gift from my mom. She knew what I liked.

The duck got some greenery and pine cones. Jonah and I went driving around the golf course looking for pine cones.

I think Stephanie gave me the bird nest last year. The angel was on my childhood tree. She had batteries to be a smoke alarm, but I don't know if that ever worked. Reminds me of mom.