Monday, December 20, 2010

Jaime, Aaron and kids at the beach

I love this picture of Jaime. She is getting pretty good.

Hard to hula hoop with your pants falling down

Jonah with the hula hoop

Makes me cold to look at this

Mia and hat

Jaime, Aaron and Mia

I am hoping someone has pictures of the Christmas party at Aaron and Jaime's last week. I can't believe I forgot my camera. Some of the highlights were the ugly sweater contest. (I think Mark won with the Mexican serape.) Irma and Mark gave Mia a Cinderella dress which she insisted on wearing for the whole party (and for the whole night and the next day from what I hear). Everyone brought joke Christmas presents except for Jonah who got real ones since he was leaving for Tennessee the next day to spend Christmas with his dad. Jonah got a cell phone! Jaime has a beautiful new engagement ring but I was upset when I heard Aaron proposed (again) to her at the party after I left. I know I left early but I will never let them live that down. Anyway, since I don't have pictures of the party, here are some cute pictures of them and their friends at the beach nearby. It was warm that day, but MUCH too cold today to be running in the water with hardly any clothes on. Hard to believe that was just a little more than a week ago. That is Florida in December.


  1. I've been meaning to tell you that I LOVE Jaime's short haircut. She really looks great, and that photo of her in the hula hoop really is gorgeous (love the outfit).

    Congrats to Jaime and Aaron! But too bad you missed the proposal. Like we missed Lesley & Brian cutting the cake at the wedding . . .

    You think Mia's cold? You should have seen me at Lake Michigan yesterday. Yep. I walked the beach. It was freezing! But invigorating.

    Ugly sweater contest: funny!

  2. Ruth - Invigorating - another word for frost bite? I admire your fortitude.