Saturday, July 21, 2012

Recent Photos

 Jill had a coupon for a free cupcake for her birthday from Barnes and Noble. This one is called Chocolate Blast and was made by Cheesecake Factory.

This is a picture I snapped of Mia in the car as her mom and I were getting ready to run some errands.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jill's 9th Birthday Party

Birthday Girl

Cookies and Cream cupcakes and ice cream cake

Stephanie and Jill

Jaime and her mother-in-law, Irma. Love Irma. Love the tee shirt.

Jill got a "J" pillow from Justice that she has long admired.

Surprise gift from Irma and Mark. A very fancy telephone.

And she got some clothes. The jeans covered her long legs but were too tight in the waist.

We got together at Cory and Stephanie's to celebrate Jill's birthday. As usual, there will be more than one. We will probably have cake at the park on Wednesday with Jill's mom and friend, Becca. At some later date, Jill will be going to Aquatica with her stepmom and dad and another friend. This time was just for family. We couldn't let the day go by without cake. Jill and Mia helped me make both cupcakes and ice cream cake. We got Edy's No Sugar Added Vanilla and layered lots of crushed sugar free Oreo cookies in a loaf pan to make the ice cream cake. Then we added crushed Oreo's to a white cake mix to make the cupcakes. Happy Birthday, Jillian!