Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weddings, Hats and History

My Uncle Joe and Aunt Marjory Vitale My Grandmother, Julia Marshall. She doesn't have a hat in this picture.

Somehow I have a copy of my aunt Margie and Uncle Joe's wedding photo. It was during the war years so she wore a suit for her wedding. I always thought I resembled my father's side of the family (not entirely in a good way). And I always thought Aunt Margie somewhat resembled Queen Elizabeth. Perhaps the wrong side of the blanket somewhere back in the family's history??? Anyway, the hats at the Royal Wedding yesterday made me think of this photo. My Aunt Margie met and married an Italian man and converted from Jehova's Witness to the Catholic religion.

This brings up questions in my mind since I never saw or even thought to ask about a picture of my parents' wedding. My mother lost a whole trunk of photos when I was a teenager. A rather wild kitten that I brought home from my Aunt Esther's farm decided to pee all over the garage including the trunk. I wonder what was in there? My mother turned out to be very mysterious person even though I always thought of her as open and friendly. My father never even knew that she and her sister lost their mother as young children and were raised in a children's home in North Carolina.

As far as my father's family, there were eight living children in an Oklahoma farm family. But I have heard that my great grandmother was a stiff English woman whom my grandmother did not like very much. I have a little glass dish that my Aunt Esther said came from my great grandfather's glass factory in England. She said they lost a child on the ship to America, but the little glass dish survived. I have seen only a few photos of my grandmother in her later years. Her short, dark hair needed washing and she wore heavy black glasses. In one picture she wore a pillbox hat. When I commented on the picture, my Aunt Esther related that my grandmother always said nobody noticed what you were wearing as long as you had a new hat.
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jonah - Nature Photographer - Zoo Trip

Seth, Mia and Jonah

Had to include Jonah's picture of the birds mating

There is a baby in this kangaroo's pouch going for the carrot I think.

Mia playing in the water park

I love this picture.

Gar - They have teeth!



There is a sea horse on the left hand side.

This guy moves so slowly and so seldom that he doesn't look real.

So many pictures. I tried to edit, but there were still so many from just one trip to the zoo and the park surrounding it.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Bunny cupcake

Color coded eggs for each kid's basket

Roger and Rick at my house.

Aaron and Jaime

Aaron's Easter basket

Tabletop Table

Alan and Mark

Jill and Easter basket

Stephanie, Jill and Cory

Papa Jerry and Eliot

Mia bathing suit

Jonah slip and slide


Seth and Jonah


Easter at Jaime's house. 80 colored eggs hidden in the yard. A bubble lawn mover for Mia and a slip and slide for Jonah. Ham and potato salad. An Easter basket for Aaron with Rollo candies (his nickname) and water balloon grenades. Bunny cupcakes. A fun day.