Sunday, October 21, 2012


The school did something different this year. You had to pay for the portraits on the day they were taken. Even though Jaime went through a flurry to get everyone ready that day, none of us thought ahead enough to remember to send the money (if we had it). Something else was different, too. No proofs were sent home. Neither were they available online. When I finally got around to wondering where the pictures were, it was too late. I found that I could still buy them, but only sight unseen. I made a fuss, but it made no difference. Finally, I ordered a small package of Mia's pictures. They came yesterday. I was almost afraid to open the package. There she is along with Harriet (on the left) and beautiful. I don't know if we will get Jonah's pictures or if Cory and Steph got Jill's. But we had to get these first school pictures of Mia.