Saturday, June 6, 2009

birthday blues

Well, Jonah had his birthday. He had a blast, but I did not. After accepting that Jill was not invited because it was a "boy party", I got there to find tons of people including the neighbors' two little girls. Their father even asked me, "Where is Jill?" Where are all the kids bowling, playing video games, eating the pizza that Grandma brought? They were there, but I couldn't get into taking their pictures. Sure, Jaime said Jill could come at the last minute, but she wouldn't be able to bowl. Well, EVERYONE bowled. Leave it to say that I didn't have fun and it was obvious. Karin and Alan, Grandpa Jerry, Erica and her roommate and lots of other people came and brought Jonah some really nice gifts. I did stick around to watch him try to blow out the trick candles I got. They kept re-lighting themselves. I'm pretty tired of this kick Jonah is on that he doesn't want Jill around. Maybe he will have outgrown this when he gets back home. Or maybe she won't care and I won't either. Right now I care. Today is Jill's recital and my job is to pick up Courtney and get her there. Another fun day I fear.

Friday, June 5, 2009

hair cuts, birthdays, dance recital and last day of school

Hard to tell, but Roger and Nibbles both got hair cuts the other day. Roger complained he hadn't combed his hair yet when I took this picture. Nibbles is a skinny shadow of his former fluffy self. Both feel a lot better. I will try to get a better picture.

Today at 6:30 Jaime is having a bowling party for Jonah's birthday. He will be 9 on June 12, but he is leaving on Sunday for Tennessee to have his real birthday with his dad. Jaime is serving pizza and a huge birthday cookie "cake". This is a boy party and Jill is not invited, but she is handling it really well.

Jaime sent cupcakes to Jonah's school on Wednesday. I forgot to get a picture, but here is one of Jonah and his friends eating pizza at the new outdoor picnic area at school and a picture of Ms. Goodknight who has been his teacher for two years. I know he will miss her and I will, too.

Jonah took this one of himself and his friend.

Everyone got gift bags just before they left.
Money is tight. Especially since there is also a party for Vannon on Saturday. He agreed to have his party a week late. His friends are coming over with their video games. Vannon and Connor's X-Box is broken again and doesn't look to be fixable this time. Also, they are doing without internet as well. Vannon is 16. He and Connor get wonderful grades and help Jaime with the house and the baby and are all around great kids. Happy Birthday, Vannon.

Lastly, Jill's dance recital is on Saturday at 2:30. I should have some great pictures from that. I haven't seen the costume yet but I hear it is white and sparkly. Jill got a very good report card and will be going to first grade next year at Lake Magdalene, I hope. Her teacher at Miles, Ms. Baker, did a great job. This was her last year to teach after about 34 years. She did a great job with Jill as her report card reflects. Jonah will be in third grade next year.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

third anniversary - June 3

Yesterday was our third anniversary. When I got up a beautiful card was waiting on the dining table. Like all the cards my husband buys, it was wonderful, but it looked somewhat familiar. Also, it said "Happy Birthday" instead of "Happy Anniversary". To be fair, the "birthday" type was light and Roger is color blind. He had scratched out "birthday" and written in "anniversary". That rang a bell with me and I got out my box of cards and found the same card from Valentine's day with "birthday" scratched out. He said he picked it for the sentiment. I guess he really means that one. I love my cards and the husband who chose them! I include pictures from our wedding and a picture of our beautiful wedding cake. We made a vow to always go back to Rusty Pelican for our anniversary, but this year we stayed home and had steak, stuffed potatoes, salad and homemade Hershey's chocolate bundt cake (made with Splenda). Someday soon we will go back to the beautiful Rusty Pelican, but our steaks at home were just as good.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

milestone - the play set is finished!

Actually the play set is not quite finished. There is a baby swing to add and a covered sand box, and a baby pool of water to slide into, but the playhouse stand is finally complete with steps and paint and railings. It means a lot to see it done. You see, Jaime and Sean were working on the play set when an a "friend" brought over his big dog who attacked Mia and injured her horribly. Thank God, she is getting better every day. The play house has been in the dining area for the last couple of months and the blinds have been closed so that Mia wouldn't cry to go out in the back yard as she loves to do. We didn't know how long it would be before she could have a bath, swim or get dirty. Thanks to a great job of care taking by her mom and her own great healing, she is way ahead of schedule and again able to play as she was doing the day she was hurt. Now the dining table is back and they can have their family meals again at the table. I am so glad and happy.

Sunday, May 31, 2009


Jill celebrated her birthday early at school. Real birthday is July 17.

Ok, so Jonah, Jill and I were on the way to Westshore Mall to see the new movie, "UP" when UP came Jill's breakfast. We were almost there when I heard the unmistakable sound of "UPchucking". YUK! So we went back home and Jill took a bath and went back to bed and I went out to clean the car and throw all her clothes in the washer. I should have taken it seriously when she said her tummy hurt! We will try again today to see "UP".

Since Jonah missed the movie, he and I went to Lowry Park so he could prowl around all the streams and look for critters. We ran into a cub scout troop. Jonah and the troop discovered a snake that looked like it could be dangerous. It was brown and black. The kids loved it. This troop meets at the zoo every Tuesday nite and goes camping 4 times a year. Perfect for Jonah. His mom tried to get him to join last year when school started. Next school year for sure after he gets back from Tennessee.

Here is Mia wearing Jill's crown. She will be 3 on November 10.