Thursday, June 4, 2009

third anniversary - June 3

Yesterday was our third anniversary. When I got up a beautiful card was waiting on the dining table. Like all the cards my husband buys, it was wonderful, but it looked somewhat familiar. Also, it said "Happy Birthday" instead of "Happy Anniversary". To be fair, the "birthday" type was light and Roger is color blind. He had scratched out "birthday" and written in "anniversary". That rang a bell with me and I got out my box of cards and found the same card from Valentine's day with "birthday" scratched out. He said he picked it for the sentiment. I guess he really means that one. I love my cards and the husband who chose them! I include pictures from our wedding and a picture of our beautiful wedding cake. We made a vow to always go back to Rusty Pelican for our anniversary, but this year we stayed home and had steak, stuffed potatoes, salad and homemade Hershey's chocolate bundt cake (made with Splenda). Someday soon we will go back to the beautiful Rusty Pelican, but our steaks at home were just as good.

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