Tuesday, June 2, 2009

milestone - the play set is finished!

Actually the play set is not quite finished. There is a baby swing to add and a covered sand box, and a baby pool of water to slide into, but the playhouse stand is finally complete with steps and paint and railings. It means a lot to see it done. You see, Jaime and Sean were working on the play set when an a "friend" brought over his big dog who attacked Mia and injured her horribly. Thank God, she is getting better every day. The play house has been in the dining area for the last couple of months and the blinds have been closed so that Mia wouldn't cry to go out in the back yard as she loves to do. We didn't know how long it would be before she could have a bath, swim or get dirty. Thanks to a great job of care taking by her mom and her own great healing, she is way ahead of schedule and again able to play as she was doing the day she was hurt. Now the dining table is back and they can have their family meals again at the table. I am so glad and happy.

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