Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Mac-A-Lena" by Jonah

Jonah's book bag is a treasure trove. I don't know when he wrote it or what the assignment was. The writing was very neat. The piece speaks for itself. I know I shouldn't laugh, but tears ran down my face as I read it. I think he is doing better now. We work on spelling and grammar every day. But this is pure, unedited Jonah.

The First day of school a kide named Mac-A-Lena, Mac-A-Lena Rubenstein walk-a-dime Hokey pokey Loca was her name! She hade a rond head and Two strays of harr one was died and the nuther one was craled up and hade a big nose that take up some space. She had Two teeth one poeting North and the uther tooth was poeting Sawth. Then she had a big long neck long as a pool with a mool in the senter of it. Then two armes a ten fengrs her belley was rond as a ball Then she has two long leges shapt as a (S) Man she was a mees. eweone made fun of her because she was funny looking no one hanged arand her.


  1. I love the book they likely used to spin off for that assignment. Too funny, and that picture. I'm not so sure I'd be too excited to hang around her either.