Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jonah: turning 9 and heading for Tennessee

Jonah, Jill and I went to Safari night at the zoo where all the rides are free. We used our zoo passes and headed straight for the sky ride which we usually can't afford. After a little trepidation, Jill got on and loved it. We had to leave our flip flops behind (in case they got dropped somewhere in the zoo, even in an animal cage). Next we rode the train, fed the budgies (parakeets), petted the goats, rode a pony, played on the playground, danced at the Radio Disney exhibit, visited the gift shop and then went to the concert in the park where Jill scored a free frisbee. I'm trying to spend time with Jonah since he might be gone for most of the summer visiting his Dad. Today we are going to try to go see "Up" at the movies. Jonah's birthday is on June 12, but he may be in Tennessee by then so his Mom wants to plan something before he goes.

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