Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saving Children's Art Work

Fishing by Jonah - date unknown 2010
What a great way to save the children's art work. Family historian hard at work and burning up the scanner. There was the inevitable one of Jonah's hand but that got lost somehow.

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  1. Children's artwork is so interesting. Did you know that they go through six distinct stages?
    First is scribbling. Second is making round scribbles. Third is making things that are somewhat recognizable, like a sun or a flower. In the fourth stage, rudimentary people begin to appear. In the fifth stage, drawings begin to have a baseline, but scale is still lacking. In the sixth and final stage, scale and proportion begin to be apparent.

    In the pictures you display, you can also observe some gender differences. Girls often like to use a variety of colors, while boys are often happy with neutrals. Boys are very interested in movement. Notice that Jonah's figure is doing something specific. I learned these interesting facts while researching a piece on gender differences.