Monday, January 31, 2011

Mia's Puzzle

Mia gets frustrated with art work and writing. She feels she is "too small" to do it right. But she needs no help or encouragement with puzzles, even difficult ones. This one is the Disney princesses with very large pieces. Unfortunately, a piece always seems to get lost. If you look closely, there is a missing piece at the bottom. This also frustrates my little perfectionist.


  1. That's a big puzzle. I wonder if she'll keep enjoying these, with smaller pieces as she grows older. We love doing these at the cottage when we have a few days. A friend of mine always has one out, which is kind of cool. Working on them is meditative, I think, and "clears the cobwebs."

  2. Ruth, my mother always enjoyed puzzles but I never saw the point. Now working with Mia has me hooked, though she seldom needs any help. She put together her brother's 100 piece Spiderman puzzle the other day. I had put it away because I thought she would just get frustrated, but she found it and put it together. Of course, several pieces were missing.