Monday, January 24, 2011

Mary's Angels

A belated Christmas gift from a dear friend. Daffodil, 2010 - an ornament from the Mary's Angels series from Hallmark.

Now I have 3 angels. My mom bought the one on the right, Buttercup, 1988, the first in the series. She liked the little bare feet. I found the one in the middle, Marguerite, 2000 and my friend Joyce found the new one on the left, Daffodil, 2010.
I didn't realise until after my mother was gone that these are called Mary's Angels. My mother's name. The signature on the bottom even looks very much like her signature.

Here is a picture and a sample of my mother's signature. She is the one on the right on the second row.
What a great gift. Joyce found out by reading this blog (See Little Christmas Things) how much these little ornaments meant to me and she found one! A really cute one reading a book with little bare feet. Thank you, Joyce. I love it. Edited to add: The designer is Mary Hamilton and it is her signature on the bottom.

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