Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mommy, Daddy

Jonah and fishing pole

Jill and MiaMia at Halloween in a homemade angel costume

I watched Mia the other night since her mom had to be at work at her intern position at 8:00 in the morning. Jaime is interning at the Sheriff's office in a neighboring county and yesterday was her first day. She spent all day filing fingerprint information but they promised her a variety of experiences of the crime investigation kind. Anyway, I offered to keep the baby since Jaime has been sick and Mia has been keeping her up at night. For some reason at my house we are able to get her to sleep all night. Of course, Grandma lays down with her in a completely dark room and sings lullabys for as long as it takes or until Grandma falls asleep. It took a long time and several false starts the other night. After the first attempt when I was almost asleep myself, she crawled off the bed and said "light." We turned on the light and watched the Tinkerbell video for a while until she crawled off the bed again. She ran down the hall and I caught up with her in the dark kitchen. She was huddled up on the step stool in a dark corner. When I came in she kind of sobbed, "Mommy, Daddy" and allowed me to pick her up and take her to the bedroom one more time. We turned off Tinkerbell and the light. I turned on my side and I felt her snuggle her little body against the small of my back and we went to sleep. I finally crawled into my own bed and Mia slept all night and work up happy. Still, it was so sad to hear that little hopeless cry. "Mommy, Daddy"
I had breakfast at Jonah's school today for Family Breakfast Day. It seems that I have also committed myself to bring the gecko to school on Friday. I didn't mean to be involved but his teacher said, "See you on Friday" so I guess I will bring in the gecko and then take him home again after show and tell. Jonah loves this stuff and I never had time when my children are little so I don't really mind.

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