Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Wishes

A grandchild safely stashed in front of the tv eating oatmeal or chicken noodle soup and watching Dora the Explorer -- a comforting sight for a grandmother when the grown children's problems are much more difficult to solve.
Both Jonah and Jill stayed over last night and Jonah and I indulged in an old tradition of watching Jurassic Park and eating chocolate milkshakes as we did when he was little. He was never afraid of that movie even when he was two. I don't know how or when he saw it for the first time. I only remember that the part where the dinosaur tries to eat the children alive was his favorite. He and I knew the dialogue by heart and were both asleep in no time on Friday nights when we popped it in the VCR. We had popcorn and chocolate covered peanuts last night instead of ice cream. Jill watched it with us and somehow didn't get scared once or wake up with nightmares. Her natural fear seems to have been overcome by her enormous desire to do everything that Jonah does. Jonah is eight now and it has been a year or so since we watched this movie together. This is probably the last time for this particular ritual.

This morning we built a beautiful fire and made pancakes and bacon for breakfast. With all the problems and worry in the world, it is these little moments that mean the most to me and that I hope the children will remember. Roger seemed to enjoy them, too.

Tonight I hope to have dinner for Karin and Alan for New Year's Eve and a belated anniverary party. I hope Alan feels well enough. We will pick up a bottle of champagne and I cooked some chicken and red wine yesterday. It smelled wonderful. I had trouble saving it for tonight. I imagine we will also babysit for Mia so her parents can celebrate a little.

I wish everyone a safe and warm New Year's Eve with someone they love and a Happy and Hopeful New Year for 2009.

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