Saturday, January 17, 2009

January 2009 - Snapshot of a moment in time

Cold and rainy. Wet and dreary. Head colds and coughs. Bills and taxes on my mind. Haven't felt like blogging but every day is important in its own way. It is bitter cold, killer cold, in the rest of the country, but it is cold here in Florida, too. I know it sounds like whining, but the cold here is damp and seems to penetrate to the bones. Of course, cold rainy days are sometimes followed by warm, sunny afternoons in Florida, but sometimes it just gets colder.
Jaime has moved to a new apartment around the corner. It is only about a mile from her last place and is cheaper and bigger and nicer. There is a small, fenced yard that is perfect for Mia. It is directly across the street from Jonah's school. But, 8-year old Jonah no longer has the big apartment complex to play with his friends or the lake to fish in, or this summer there is no pool. The new apartment is in a small complex on a very busy corner. There is a convenience store, a drive-thru store and the school just close enough to tempt a little boy. There are crossing guards, but not on the corner closest to the school. Someone has to walk him across to school and back again. I have been a nervous wreck over that street, though Jaime tells me she walked home from the same school at his age. I don't quite remember it that way.

Jonah and Jaime on New Year's Eve with Alan in the background

We have been eating chili. Roger's homemade ground beef chili and my attempt at white chicken chili. White beans cooked in chicken broth with onion and big chunks of chicken, chili powder and cumin and lots of jalepeno peppers and jalepeno juice. The chicken got overdone and stringy but the chili was hot and spicey and we ate most of it and took some to other sickies, Jaime and Alan, who both claimed to eat it all. I am planning to try the chicken chili again.

I babysat Mia a lot lately and proved to myself again that I'm not good at watching all three kids at once. Ended up yelling at them and feeling terrible. They don't seem to be holding a grudge, but I hate it when I do that.

Last night, Roger and I went to Beef O'Brady's with Karin and Alan and Joyce. It was fun. Beer and hot, spicy wings. Joyce is still hanging in there looking for a job. It is hard keeping her spirits up, but last night cheered us all up.

Just talked to my brother, Rick, who is working in India for the second round of 6-weeks on and 6-weeks off. He is back for the second round after Christmas at home and health worries about his wife, Darlene. At least he is there safe and promised to call Cory who is dying to talk to him about our football team, the Buccaneers and the firing of coach Jon Gruden. My brother, my son and my husband are all huge football fans.

Well, that is my January so far. Looking forward to the inauguration and high hopes for our new president. Peace to all.

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