Sunday, July 31, 2011

Brave Girls

Two brave girls, my daughter and my granddaughter. Mia's drawings are always so happy. She drew several of herself and her mother the other day. Dressed in look-alike outfits and looking like two teenage friends in one drawing. The captions say 'Mia Loves Mom' and 'Mom sevoL aiM' but the mean the same thing.

When Mia started having seizures again, her mother stayed by her side, as she has in the past, for every moment. Even when Mia was hooked up to a machine and could only walk a little bit around the hospital room for several days and got so frustrated, Jaime kept her occupied.

Now Mia is home and the seizures are under control, but there have been difficulties with the doctor, the day care and the pharmacy. Jaime has researched Mia's diet, tried to decipher her MRI and been her advocate in every way possible. Aaron and I and all of Jaime's family and friends have tried to help, but when it comes right down to it, Jaime does what she has to do. She is a great mom.

Jaime is committed to trying the Keto diet which is helpful in controlling seizures. I eliminated the ice cream, cookies and ice pops from my house. We started trying to figure out what Mia could eat. I pretended I was just out of ice cream, but one day she said, "I can't have any sugar" and she asked me, "If I have another (special) cookie, will I get the shakes?" I can't even stick to a diet long enough to lose 5 pounds but this little girl is following the rules and taking the nasty medicine twice a day mostly without complaint.

Jaime called me the other day to borrow a potato masher. I said, "Are you making mashed potatoes? Mia can't have that." I brought the masher to her house and she started busily mashing cauliflower to look like mashed potatoes. I liked them, but my daughter has never liked vegetables besides potatoes, green beans and an occasional roasted carrot. The whole family ate cauliflower that night. Jaime said she had to put meat and gravy with every bite, but Mia ate it. She didn't have as much luck with cauliflower "mac and cheese." Mia said she wante Kraft. I love my brave girls.


  1. They are both very brave. I'm certainly keeping a good thought for all of you.

  2. I missed news of this from you, Shari. I'm sorry to hear of Mia's seizures, and I pray that all will improve as they figure it out. Thanks for sharing about your brave girls.

  3. Thank you to my good blog friends. Your comments mean more to me than you may ever guess.

  4. Having been a sugar and carb watcher for years, I know how boring it can be. I can't even imagine it if you don't love vegies. It is not only boring but frequently your option of having something non-carb boils down to nuts, if that's available. Typical kid birthday- pizza, cupcakes.
    I'm so sorry.
    I know how much joy comes from keeping special treats that only Grandma provides. Sounds to me like three brave girls, all determined to give their best for this precious little one's health. I will pray for all of you to find your way in this new territory. It has to be heart wrenching, scary and confounding.
    Her pictures are just priceless. I love the second sentence written backwards. That makes perfect sense to me.
    God Bless the Brave Sugar-free Girls.