Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother on Mother's Day

July 1, 1948. The date is on the back of the photo. I didn't even know they had color film back then. (I am the baby in the picture.)

Grandma and Jaime

Mom at work posing with what looks like an empty file folder.

Mom relaxing. She loved to fish.

Jaime, Mom and me at Christmas. 1980

Me and my mom and dad about 1957.

Mom in a great coat. I think she was still single. Don't know what year this was. Maybe 1938?

Mom and Dad. Don't know the make or model of this car.

Rick, Uncle Glen, Mom, Dad and me at my Aunt Esther's farm house.

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My mother. I'm remembering her on Mother's Day. I have written before about her childhood at the Grandfather Children's Home in North Carolina. She was slim and pretty all her life. She never learned to drive but could walk for miles in high heels. She was a professional woman and an excellent cook. She loved movies and movie stars and taught me to appreciate movies from her era, Hitchcock such as "Rear Window" with Jimmie Stewart and Grace Kelly, "Gone with the Wind", "Rebecca" -- all the old classics remind me of her. She liked Gayle Storm and Nat King Cole. Her favorite hymn was "Old Rugged Cross." She loved to play Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit and taught us all how to play poker. She made sure we had great birthday parties and Christmas presents. Her grandchildren adored her and still do. I need to find a good picture of her and Cory because he loved his grandma so much and she loved him. She died only a few months before her first great-grandchild was born, but she "saw" a sonogram of him even though she had cataracs and suggested the name "Jonah" before she left us. She was close to all of our friends when we were young, including Darlene, who became my brother's wife after my mother was gone. My brother waited till late in life to marry. I just wanted to call my mom so bad and say, "Guess What?????" But I'm sure she knows. I can't say I exactly miss her because she feels like such a part of me and of my daughter, Jaime. Happy Mother's Day, Mom!


  1. Lovely pictures. Your mom's coloring and features resemble my mom's, and the clothing styles are very close, so they were probably about the same age. I miss my mom, who passed away in 2002.

  2. My mother died in Feburary, 2000.

  3. Great set of photos and memories.

  4. Great colour photos and wonderful post. I wish I oculd walk in high heels, I wear them and have to stand still!!

  5. ...she could walk for miles in high heels! Loved that. I'm sure the feeling of just picking up the phone and being able to talk with her is poignant. I am able to still do that... but for how much longer, I don't know. That feeling will always be there, though. She was slender and beatiful and I LOVE the photo of her in the little boat. :)

  6. Lovely photos. The 1948 colour one makes it seem like it was taken yesterday.

  7. Very nice tribute. That first color photo is pretty amazing!

  8. What a woman. Look at that bottle. Aren't those pictures just priceless?

  9. A lovely remembrance.

    Oh my look at those crinolines! I can feel those itchy things just as I look at you sitting there on the couch in them.

  10. Lovely collection of photographs. And on the assumption that you were a couple of weeks old in the first photograph, we must almost share the same birthdate (17 June 1948)

  11. Your mother is a very lovely woman, and the photos are great. I love them. I'm amazed at how I can see Jaime in her baby photo, the same face! And then you with your mom and Jaime, I swear you could be Jaime!

    By the way, I just spent time with your "namesake" yesterday. My niece Shari from Florida's daughter was married here in Michigan.

  12. Ruth, I love weddings and photographs. Maybe you will post some?