Monday, May 2, 2011

A Happy Birthday for Me

Thai Buddhist Temple - Wat Mongkolratanaram

Amanda, Jill, Jaime and Mia

One of the beautiful bird lanterns that surround the temple

A dock on the river with lots of hungry fish in the water

Roger and me


Rick and Darlene


Jaime, Mia and Jonah

Aaron, Irma, Elliot and Mark. It was a special day for Irma, too.

Cory, Steph and Jill

A birthday dinner at a Mexican restaurant with friends and family. Karin and Alan were there, too. Another friend was missed. I had a pedicure with Jaime and Mia got a manicure. I also got to go to the nearby Buddhist Temple and sample the Chai tea and the Thai food. Roger and I went out to my brother's house for a steak dinner and a look at their new place. Stephanie, Cory and Jill went to a lot of trouble to upgrade my Christmas camera. Now there is still lunch with a friend tomorrow. I am a lucky woman who has more riches that I deserve. But I am very grateful and happy (and a year older).

Explanation: All that eating! These activities took place over a weekend -- not in a single day. Just wanted to clarify that.


  1. Happy belated Birthday, Shari! You deserve to be surrounded by the love of your family, and Thai food and a visit to a Buddhist temple are things I would love to do on my birthday too.

  2. There is a Buddhist temple not far from me. I've driven by but never visited. Now I want to go. I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday!