Sunday, March 6, 2011

Zoo - DinoQuest

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Jonah, Seth and dinosaur

Jill and friend

Mia on merry-go-round
We went to the zoo yesterday to see the special dinosaur exhibit -- animated, life-size dinosaurs who moved, roared and sometimes spit water at the guests. On the way to the zoo, Jonah told a joke. He said he needed a new butt because his old one had a crack in it. That got a lot of laughs and a stern comment from his grandma. At first, Jill was terrified, but not Mia. Seth and Jonah rode the flume ride and Jill and Mia stood at the end of the ride and got spashed again and again. We had a special reason for visiting the zoo because Jaime and Aaron were busy moving into their NEW HOUSE!
Mia spent the night with me last night and as she was going to sleep, she said, "Remember my mommy putting my bed together in my new room?" Then she laughed and said, "Remember getting wet at the flume ride?" Then she turned on her side to go to sleep and said quietly, "And everybody loves me." What a happy day for our family.


  1. What a perfect ending to a perfect day! Isn't it sad that every child in the world can't go to sleep with that thought in their heads.

  2. So precious! And sadly true what Susan wrote.

    I thought Mia was going to say something about her butt crack when she rolled over. :-)

  3. Ruth, your comment made me smile.