Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A New Chapter

A few pictures of Jaime and Aaron's new house. Already a path is being beaten between my house and theirs. The double garage is becoming a party room. The huge back yard being cleared. Dark wall paper being peeled away for a new coat of paint. Then the dark red carpet will be replaced with a wood floor. A wall added to create a room for Jonah. The kitchen is cute but small. The house is a little quirky. See the door from Mia's room to what will be Jonah's? A little closet has become a vanity area for Jaime. The master bathroom lacks a door??? But there is a large covered car port and a basketball hoop in the driveway. Jonah has found friends from school on his street and he is only 2 blocks from his friend, Seth and 4 blocks from his grandma's house. Friends and family are dropping by to check out the new digs. They came home last night to find the water had been cut off. Oops! They forgot to switch the water bill since they didn't have one in the apartment. The old apartment is clean and empty. The new house overflowing with boxes. The beginning of a new chapter in our lives. Next goal, a wedding in October.


  1. Cute place, and the changes sound lovely too. The energy surrounding it is the best, and new friends and all. It's exciting, isn't it? What new stories will be lived out there, and in the neighborhood. So nice to be close to you too.

  2. You are going to be the envy of sooo many grandparents having your grandchildren so close by!