Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Sweet Valentine's Day

Valentines - from Jill to me and Roger, from Roger to me, from Cory to me and from me to Roger.

Jaime with a new dress. She and Aaron were going out for Valentine's Day

Jaime in her "Almost Famous" coat and Aaron.
A nice Valentine's Day. I watched Jonah and Mia so Jaime and Aaron could have a night out. There was a Valentine's party at the park for the kids. Roger and I had dinner at home - steak and lobster from Omaha Steak. Karin and Alan joined us. Roger's sister was not able to make it. I made a chocolate bundt cake with a mocha glaze.

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  1. Jaime's dress is so beautiful. And she has such a great figure for fashion. Lovely of you to watch the kids so they could go out. Your Valentine's dinner sounds great!