Friday, February 11, 2011

BFF's and Mia

Jill and her best friend do everything together. They are in the same class and ride the same bus and play at the same park, etc. I was baby sitting Mia and I thought she would be glad to see the girls. I was wrong. She kept getting mad and folding her arms and complaining to me. All she would say was, "Jill keeps taking my stuff!" You see, many of Mia's toys are inherited from her cousin who is 3 years older. Since Mia is 4, she can't remember a time when all these things were not hers. But, in truth, many of Mia's things originally belonged to Jill. What can I say? They are both right. Anyway, I said to Jill, "Be nice to Mia. She has been wanting to play with you all day." Jill looked at Mia and said, "Actually, that shirt you are wearing used to be mine."

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  1. Funny! My grandkids have similarly proprietary feelings about some of the toys at my house. My kids know that when they want to clean out their toy collections, Grannie will take most of the cast-offs. So when one grandkid comes over to find another grandkid playing with one of the toys that was culled out of the first grandkid's toy chest--the fireworks can start! Actually, my grandkids are old enough to understand now, but we used to have some situations that would take the wisdom of Solomon to adjudicate.