Friday, January 7, 2011

Stink Eye

Jill has a particular expression that her dad named "stink eye". It used to be involuntary but now she does it on command. It is hard to catch a picture because she blinks. This is our best attempt to photograph the stink eye. (Updated to add more about Jill.) Stephanie was the first one to comment on this expression. Apparently her stepmother has been the most frequent recipient of this particular look.
She is a great reader and is being evaluated for the gifted program at school. I got her a large read-aloud copy of "Little House on the Prairie" for Christmas and she has been reading it by herself. We discussed some of my favorite parts - crossing the river and almost losing her dog, Jack, and the wash day in the middle of the Prairie surrounded by warm sun and tall grass. She enjoyed those parts but is looking forward to the exciting parts about the Indians. I have an old copy of "Little Women" that I found at a garage sale. It has wonderful illustrations. I can't wait to share that with her. I also want to share the movie (the Wynona Ryder version) with her and with Stephanie, who somehow hasn't seen it.
Jonah has had a lot more trouble with reading than Jill. This is a problem since she is younger and a GIRL. One day a couple of years ago they were both chewing some bubble gum while riding in my car. Jill laughed and read the joke on the wrapper to Jonah. "What does yours say?" she asked. Jonah squinted at the paper and said, "It says, 'Shut up, Jill.'"

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