Saturday, June 12, 2010

last day of school/Jonah turns 10!

Jill and Mia being crazy

Papa Jerry, Jonah and friends get ready for a birthday camping trip.

Jonah and teacher at the last day party

Jill and Cory with her teacher. Next stop, second grade!

A pretty picture of Nibbles in his favorite spot (except for Roger's lap)

School is out for the summer. Jonah is turning 10 years old and going on a camping trip to celebrate. I took Jonah and Jill to the bookstore for his and her upcoming birthdays. They both chose Wimpy Kid books and tee shirts. Jill is moving on to second grade and looking forward to her birthday in July. Oh, and one more milestone, Mia is potty trained!!! She has been doing great the last few days. Happy News!!!

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  1. Yay for birthdays, yay for potty training, yay for summer for kids and teachers (like my Don)!