Sunday, June 20, 2010


This picture shows one parking lot and some picnic tables but not the covered shelters, the old fort, the pier, the campground, the snack bars and gift shops, the miles of sidewalks for bikes and roller blades or the miles of white sandy beaches. This is truly a special place!

The water was warm and clear

The sand was white and clean

Ft. De Soto has a unique combination of grassy park, shady pines and wide white beach

We set up in the shade of some pine trees, near a little creek that Jonah loves

This is the most crowded I have ever seen Ft. De Soto and there was still plenty of elbow room

Jonah in his element

Bucket full of water critters

Perfect beach quilt

We had a beautiful day at Ft. De Soto park. Even the drive is fun. Straight on I-275 across the Howard Franklin bridge all the way to the Pinellas Bayway (last exit before the Sunshine Skyway bridge) and then turn left for Ft. De Soto or go straight for St. Pete Beach and the Don Cesar hotel. We listened to Jaime's custom music CD's and pointed out the landmarks while Jonah was the navigator with the map. As Mia said, "We're gonna have FUN!"


  1. What a wonderful place. Pine trees and creek and the beach all at once! Here's hoping your beaches stay clean.

  2. Those are some great memories for those kids. Beach is magic.