Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Mean Brush

Jill and Jonah and fishing pole. He has a sun blister on his lip because he is sensitve to the sun.

Getting Jonah off to school can be a bit trying. He doesn't like to get up. He's a sort of jump-out-of-bed-at-the-last-minute-and-put-on-your-shoes-and-go kind of kid. We even tried dressing him for school the night before but then he wanted to change clothes. He has grown up in Florida so he wants to wear shorts and short sleeved shirts every day. Florida kids are conviced it will be hot by the end of the day and they will be stuck carrying all those warm clothes around. That happens just often enough to make them hard to convince. Jonah was actually pretty good today until time to brush his hair which was full of cowlicks. Jaime finally grabbed a brush and brushed his hair none too gently. "Mom, " he whined in his victim mode, "You always pick the mean brush!" (There is one brush with very sharp bristles.) And so another day begins. He was sweet last night. Did his homework and then climbed into bed with me to watch American Idol together. Do you know the soup commercial where the snowman comes in out of the cold and slowly melts into a little red haired boy? That one always reminds me of Jonah. My first grandchild. I have a soft spot for that little boy even when he is very hard to like. UPDATE: I added the Snowman commercial to the links on the right.


  1. Jonah is all boy, isn't he? He looks like one you'd write a book about. This blog is so great, you'll have a chronicle of Jonah and Jill's lives.

  2. Oh Shari! He DOES look like that little boy! I have always loved that commercial, I guess because there were so many times as a child where I came in from the cold and had hot soup waiting for me!