Monday, January 11, 2010

Coping with January

Tangelo tree has a few orange globes if you look closely. This tree is not in good shape but the tangelos are still sweet. (Part tangerine, part orange)

Bacon and pancakes and coffee warm Roger up this morning.

Here is the view from our front door. At least the sun is out. It is about 37 degrees out there right now. I know it is not really that bad, but cold to us.

Jaime and Jonah returning the class guinea pig, Cocoa Puff, to school.

Cocoa Puff is visible in the left hand corner of the cage. Jonah above.
It has been cold all weekend and still record breaking cold this morning. It is supposed to be warmer by Friday. Jonah brought the school guinea pig home for the weekend. It was a cold walk from the classroom to the car on Friday. Now Jaime and Jonah are getting ready to take Cocoa Puff back to school. She was a good little guinea pig. Squeaking and jumping around now and then and eating baby carrots (too many I'm afraid). Jonah and his friend Eliot volunteered at the pet store to get some animals adopted homes. When I asked Jonah if anyone adopted a pet he said, "No, but Eliot is thinking about adopting a bird." I told him the idea was not to adopt all the animals themselves. Happy January 11, 2010!


  1. Ha, he can't adopt all the animals himself, eh? I hear of this more often from people who volunteer at such places.

    I do hope you're on the way to warm soon! 37 is plenty cold for anywhere, but especially Florida. Your blood really does thin out they say!

  2. Haha Jamie and Jonah both have the same really thrilled to be up so early, carrying a guinea pig and pausing in the cold to have their pictures taken look!! LOL :-) I didn't know you guys had a guinea pig visitor! I bet Jonah was super excited!