Monday, November 16, 2009

Wubbzy Birthday party

Dancing Wubbzy

Jill, Briel and Princess Mia

Blowing out the candle - Erica, Jill, Connor, Sean, Mia and Jaime

Playground and picnic table

Jonah's favorite - the dock. He caught two fish.

Wubbzy cake made by Jaime and Wubbzy cupcakes made by Publix. (Jaime's was better)

Wubbzy is Mia's favorite right now. PePaw brought her "Wubbzy Halloween" DVD which she has been watching non-stop. It was a beautiful day and the party went great. Our friends Karin and Alan reserved their neighborhood park. Jaime grilled hot dogs at a table under the tree and Jonah hung out all day long on the dock with the firshermen. Mia, Briel and Jill played on the playground and had a ball. Sean, Vannon, Connor, Erica, Papa Jerry and many friends and family were there.

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