Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Temple Terrace Art Show 2009

Boardwalk, Hillsoborough River

My favorite art show every year is held in a beautiful park on the Hillsborough river. The weather is wonderful and there is always an amazing group of artists. Very good water color, oil and photography artists, jewelry, textiles, entertainment and "fair food". This year there was a tent that sold jewelry set with pieces of broken china. Even better, the shop was decorated in shabby chic style with chandeliers featuring china cups instead of glass globes. I wish I had gotten a better picture. The most amazing artist to me is featured above. He works with fine metal screen, bending and forming it into a sculptural shapes. Besides being beautiful, the works cast amazing shadows. The work is very much like 3-dimensional line drawing in which the artist was schooled. He explained to me how the screen works in a similar way to "cross-hatching" which is a technique to create shading and dimension in a drawing. You really have to see this in person to appreciate it. I have looked everywhere for the artist's card and I regret that I cannot find it. I am including a link to the Temple Terrace Arts Council, however, if you are interested in his work.

Pictures below are Cory and Jonah at the zoo. Jill and Mia were there, too. First time Cory went with us and I was glad to have him there with all 3 kids at once.


  1. I have seen those sculptures somewhere - don't know if it was the same artist - I'm not in Florida. It was probably online somewhere. I love them!! Such a wonderful concept and execution. It's metaphorical too if you ask me. Really nice.

    Thanks for coming by my place, Shari. By the way, I have a niece Shari who lives in Sarasota!

  2. metaphorical? I am honored that you visit my blog. Yours is one of the first I discovered. Would love to see Paris one day.

  3. Haha Jonah looks so happy, doesn't he? :-) We all know the truth though!