Tuesday, October 20, 2009

something special on the side of the road

Jaime and Sean pulled up last evening and took something out of the car trunk. A little car stroller just like Jonah used to have! But this one is pink instead of red! Perfect. So Mia and I went for a long walk around the golf course. Then we cleaned out the compartment in the front and put in a toy tiger which she pushed all around the yard. She refused to take off her little sweater (with a hood in back) even though it was getting much warmer. Finally she insisted on her nap on the couch before she even had her lunch. You can see her little purple vinyl glove by her side. Happy find on the side of the road. I wish whoever left this little stroller at the curb could know how much joy it brought today and many days to come. When I get access to a scanner, I will upload some pictures of all the fun Jonah and Jill had with the old one.


  1. Hello I came via attic 24. I love your girl's striped jumper! Did you make it?
    I'm at www.stitchingandhookingpassions.blogspot.com
    Mostly crochet with some doggies and baking thrown in.
    Take care.

  2. MerrySusan - Thanks for your comment. I have no idea where that sweater came from Hand-me-down, I think. But I thought of Lucy at Attic24 when I saw all the stripes!