Wednesday, October 21, 2009


It's gone. I sold my little car in 1 DAY on Craigslist. From my short real estate "career" I know that means I sold it a little too cheap. It was a good car with a lot of happy memories. It made me feel young to get in and crank up the radio and roll down the windows (with a crank handle). I love our crossover, SUV, or "the vehicle" as we call it, whatever it is, for hauling all the kids around, but this little car was mine, bought with a lot of help from my "boyfriend" -- now my husband on a very hot day in 2005. A couple of nice people were fighting over it, but a nineteen-year-old named Tiffany got the car. She said she was going to give it a name and a wax job. I think it has a good home.

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