Monday, October 12, 2009

Rick's 60th Birthday video

I apologize for the poor video. Still playing with the Flip camera. I didn't mention Joyce, Darlene and Karin. I post this anyway for posterity. We were all inside because it was 95 degrees outside! Can't wait for Fall weather! Jaime was very sick so she couldn't come over and grill steak and shrimp as planned. We had Publix fried chicken and I made potato salad, cole slaw, deviled eggs, baked beans, corn on the cob, and rum cake. We also baked an apple pie for Joyce and Karin. Had to run out and buy a fan because the ceiling fan on the porch has died. Got a little stressed out trying to peel the eggs. The peels would not come off those darn things! Oh, well, it was fun and I loved having my friends and family around. It was Stephanie's birthday, too, but she was at work. She and Cory went out to Carrabas later and her mother came over on Sunday. We were also celebrating Cory's birthday on the 14th. Jill was visiting Courtney.

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