Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Grandma Collier and Angie Kuehn Collier Oakley

Cory and both his sisters

Shari, Jill, Dawn, Angie, Cory, Mia, and Jaime

Jill - in oil painting style

Jaime and Mia

Mia, Jaime and Cory

"Artistic" view of the beach

Dawn, Angie and Donnie - the street sign says Woody Wagon Way

Jill on porch

Donnie and Rocky
Dream beach house

Cory and Angie - at last

I realized something was missing from my blog. Angie. Cory's long lost sister from Arkansas. Angie is my first husband's daughter and she was only 2 years old when we got married. Life and circumstances intervened and the picture above is Cory and Angie together for the first time since he was a baby. We visited Angie and her family last year at Seacrest Beach near Pensacola. It was beautiful as you can see. Since then there have been many, many text messages and visits to Missouri to meet relatives and to Arkansas. It has been wonderful. Angie and Cory's grandma, Goldia Collier, just died at 95 and Angie and Cory and Jill got to spend some time with her just a month before. Life is strange but this story had a happy ending.

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